Do I keep the right to my work?
Yes, of course. All the rights stay where they belong, with you, as a creative. In order to prevent submission withdrawal because of other publications, we greatly discourage simultaneous submissions.

Can you help me publish my poetry book?
Not in person, but we are working on a free e-book in which we share all our printing and publishing resources so that you can create your own book easily. Sign up to our mailing list, and you will be the first to know when it’s out. We also host a contest every year in which we offer to work on your book for free.

Where do the profits go?
We like transparency, so we are going to be absolutely honest with you on this one; at the moment there are no profits. Any money made from sales is going straight into keeping the website running and creating new content.

You approached me for publishing, now what?
We would love for you to send us four poems to hello@sundaymorningsattheriver.com including your name, IG handle and email address on the first page of your submission. Please send all the poems in a single document.

Where can I buy your books?
Our paperback and kindle books are available for at Amazon, but we also sell a pdf version in our shop, which supports us the most because Amazon takes a 40% profit margin and also charges us for printing.

Do you take submissions?
We have an open submission system, which means there are no deadlines. You can submit a maximum of five poems and a minimum of four (for the anthologies) for our next issue here. We will never charge for submissions and work in a first-come, first served way until the issues are full.

Do you pay your poets?
Not yet but we use any money we make to develop this project. If we ever go from small press to big press we will pay our poets because we don’t think artists should work for free. For the moment we offer our published poets e-book versions of the anthologies they are a part of, together with our undying love.

Can I still publish my poetry elsewhere?
Yes, we don’t believe in exclusive publishing rights because the work is yours and should be yours to print wherever you want. Please do keep in mind though that you sign a contract with us that gives us permission to print the poems, if afterwards, you work with a publisher that demands exclusive rights, we will not make any changes to our already published books.

I am really broke, can I still support you?
Yes, there are a ton of things you can do. You can share our posts and stories with your friends, you can recommend new poets for us to print by sending us a message on IG with their handles, you can comment on our posts, and you can leave reviews on Amazon when you do get your hands on one of our give-away copies.

Are there any rules for submitting?
Only one really, the work you submit has to be yours. We take plagiarism very seriously and will send out our miniature dachshund to hunt you down and eat your manuscripts if you plagiarize. Other than that, there are no rules, no themes, no character limitations. Just make sure you submit words and not images.

Didn’t you use to be a photography zine?
Yes. We were hipsters that posted prints to lampposts and drank beer on the weekends. Now we are hipsters that print poetry and drink beer on the weekends.

Do you work with a contract?
Yes, and we think you should be very careful with Publishers or Anthologies that don’t. You worked hard on your poetry and your words need to be protected. If you want to see what our contract look like, you can click this link.

Do you reply to every submission you get?
Yes we do, you took the time to share your work with us, so it’s only fair that we take the time to read it. It might take a while before you hear from us because we only have dedicated reading slots.