• ‘The Care Home’ by Rebecca Rijsdijk

    When we found out that Rebecca Rijsdijk was releasing a new book we got excited, seriously excited. You Were Married was one of our favourite books of a confusing year. The Care Home is extraordinary with the art of storytelling. It is heartbreaking, human and one that will stay in your mind longer than most.
  • 'Golden' by Mickey Finn

    In a world choking on social media cleanliness, Golden is a glance at the sordid underbelly which unites humanity - whether humanity likes it or not. It is a knot of painfully-raw honesty and bitter deceit, drenched in a vicious philosophy and hard to swallow half-truths. It oozes anti-poetry at a time when the art form is reduced to self-help and a ceaseless quest for innocence and purity.
  • Hey New York Times please stop reviewing shit

    Written by Rebecca Rijsdijk and Sean Felix Our Sarah sent a New York Times article in our poetry group app a couple of days ago. It was a review on...
  • ‘A Space For Dead Flies & Dust’ by E.T. Reyes

    E. T. Reyes has a clear command of form that comes through in the way she sets the stage in each poem – a crime scene, a love scene, or a shade of both. In the title poem, she immediately grabs our attention with the mystery of It, and alerts our senses as we feel the poem materialize around us.