• A cup of tea with Rosa Caines

    I am a poet based in London. I grew up in Brighton and always feel full near water. I am deeply in love with London and can be found standing on Waterloo Bridge looking out at the lights and feeling sentimental. I want high romance, I want awe and I want it all the time.
  • A Cup of Coffee with Mickey Finn

    Mickey Finn is a chewed up and spat out poet born and raised in Liverpool, U.K. After his birth in 1991 and a relatively unremarkable life, he recently released his first book, Golden, having worked on it for between three to four years. (His words, not ours, we would never).
  • A Cup of Coffee with Uchechukwu Nwafor

    I'm Uchechukwu Nwafor. Most of my online friends call me 'Will', 'cause the meaning of my name means God's Will. I'm from and currently based in Nigeria. I'm a fashion designer by day and a poet round the clock! I just concluded my apprenticeship in a fashion school, but really the skill runs in our family (my mum and her mum are really conversant) so you could say I just went for a touch up!
  • A Cup of Coffee with Andrej Peterka

    Andrej Peterka is a poet, acupuncturist and natural health practitioner based in Minnesota, USA (St Paul and Whalan). His work can be found in our Spring 2021 Edition. We had a little chat with about his work. 

  • A Cup of Coffee with Rebecca Rijsdijk

    So if you haven’t been interviewed for years, you can sit and cry about it or you can reboot your old press and interview yourself. This is what Becks did, and she thought if she wrote about herself in third person, no one would actually notice. Rebecca is Sunday Mornings at the River’s boss lady. Here are some questions she asked herself for her own entertainment.
  • A Cup of Coffee with George J. Cardy

    George J Cardy is a brand-new poet on our radar who writes about human relationships and her personal experiences. We had a little chat with her about her work and her influences. George's poetry can be found in our Winter 2020 Edition.
  • Silas Denver Melvin on 'Grit'

    Silas Denver Melvin (2000) is a queer, trans masculine poet from Southern N.H. As an introverted Gemini, he's been writing ever since he learned how to hold a pencil. At 20, he's published poetry with several outlets. Grit is his first collection of poems to be published. 
  • A Cup of Coffee with Sarah Herrin

    Sarah Herrin (she/her) is a bisexual poet who writes about the transcendent beauty of nature and the delicious contradictions of love. Raised in the Deep South, she followed the yellow brick road to the Pacific Northwest. She earned a BFA at the Savannah College of Art and Design, where she studied Sequential Art and Creative Writing in Southern France. She is a gemologist, runner, cat-mom, and Bowie-lover.
  • A Cup of Coffee with Sean Felix

    Sean Felix @thedawnwriter (he/him) is an African-American poet, born and raised in the United States, in Washington, DC. Sean now lives in Maryland. Poetry is the art life that drives him to critique what is wrong, and to embrace what is beautiful and strange. Sean is also one of our brand new digital editors.
  • A Cup of Coffee with Esperanza Reyes

    Esperanza Reyes is a multi-talented artist we met on the gram as @e.t.reyes. Not only does she write delicately thoughtful poetry with an edge, she accompanies her words with digital collages as well. We had a little chat with Esperanza and are proud her work is featured in our first anthology.
  • A Cup of Coffee with Emma Williamson

    Emma Williamson is a poet and fiction writer (she/her) living in Toronto, Canada, with her husband and son. Through her work she strives to encourage readers to reflect, feel, and recognize their shared humanity and capacity for redemption and evolution.
  • A Cup of Coffee with Ashley Green

    >Ashley Green is a poet from Southern California. She writes about everything that keeps her up at night. Find her online at or follow her on Instagram @amoderncrone.