Submitting Your Work

The internet can be a magical place, and it totally is when it comes to submitting your work to magazines and online publications. Submittable makes this easy for you. Submittable gets that you’re a busy Millennial who is trying to juggle keeping a roof over your head, getting dressed in the morning and deciding between toothpastes, so it made all the browsing for literary journals easier. It did it for you.

Their website did the writing for us: “Submittable powers submissions and applications around the world, connecting individuals and organizations to do great work together.”

As an individual you can create an account for free and start looking for opportunities in your field. So in our case this would be any type of writing but probably poetry. You can switch on a bunch of filters like ‘no deadline’ or ‘no fees’ and it will show you a list of platforms looking for poetry. All you need now is a proper cover letter (which you can design for free in Canva) with a little bio and you can start submitting your poetry. Do yourself and the platforms a favour and read their individual submission guidelines, and off you go. 

P.S Remember if your work doesn’t get published (yet) it’s not because what you write is shit, it’s because there’s a better match out there for your poetry. Keep writing, keep submitting, keep polishing and keep growing. You got this.

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