• The Story Behind the Poem by Emma Blas

    Spain was just emerging from a particularly strict house arrest form of lockdown, in the middle of June 2020, where it had locked all its residents in their houses for 6 weeks. Not even allowed out for exercise, even Dog walkers were fined for being found more than 100 metres away from their homes. I was so grateful for the garden and the small paddock next to the house.
  • ‘A Space For Dead Flies & Dust’ by E.T. Reyes

    E. T. Reyes has a clear command of form that comes through in the way she sets the stage in each poem – a crime scene, a love scene, or a shade of both. In the title poem, she immediately grabs our attention with the mystery of It, and alerts our senses as we feel the poem materialize around us.
  • A Cup of Coffee with Alecia Gabrielle

    Alecia Gabrielle is a twenty-year-old poet from Mississippi. She has been writing since the age of seven, and she is currently working towards a Ba...
  • An Invitation to Haiku

    Growing up I learned very quickly that most words that people use are empty. We’ve created language so that we can convey ideas and emotions, but our words often fail us, either because we don’t think through what we are saying, or we are hiding what we truly want to say.
  • On the (mis)interpretation of your work

    The Instagram DM came in when I was getting ready for bed, mouth full of toothpaste and eyes gritty with fatigue. Is everything okay with you and hubbie? I blinked incredulously at the message. Um, what?
    Then it clicked. A friend had seen my latest Instagram post – something about heartbreak or relationships, I can’t remember now – and incorrectly assumed it was about me and my better half.
  • A cup of tea with Rosa Caines

    I am a poet based in London. I grew up in Brighton and always feel full near water. I am deeply in love with London and can be found standing on Waterloo Bridge looking out at the lights and feeling sentimental. I want high romance, I want awe and I want it all the time.
  • A Haiku a Day with Sean Felix (ii)

    the young girl fashioned
    a stick for teaching cold wind
    the heron’s lesson
  • A Cup of Coffee with Mickey Finn

    Mickey Finn is a chewed up and spat out poet born and raised in Liverpool, U.K. After his birth in 1991 and a relatively unremarkable life, he recently released his first book, Golden, having worked on it for between three to four years. (His words, not ours, we would never).
  • A Cup of Coffee with Uchechukwu Nwafor

    I'm Uchechukwu Nwafor. Most of my online friends call me 'Will', 'cause the meaning of my name means God's Will. I'm from and currently based in Nigeria. I'm a fashion designer by day and a poet round the clock! I just concluded my apprenticeship in a fashion school, but really the skill runs in our family (my mum and her mum are really conversant) so you could say I just went for a touch up!
  • How to deal with Creeps Online

    So you worked on that one poem for weeks, and it is about a subject that is close to your heart. You press post and your palms are sweaty. And there it comes. The stink. It always comes first and is soon followed by that dreaded hairy internet beast: in walks that fucking troll.
  • A Haiku a Day with Sean Felix (iii)

    gardeners subtlywalk between the rows of timequestioning wildness
  • ‘The Care Home’ by Rebecca Rijsdijk

    When we found out that Rebecca Rijsdijk was releasing a new book we got excited, seriously excited. You Were Married was one of our favourite books of a confusing year. The Care Home is extraordinary with the art of storytelling. It is heartbreaking, human and one that will stay in your mind longer than most.